Gauteng wins six national accolades at the Kamoso Awards for EPWP Excellence
Gauteng Province has won six national accolades at the Kamoso Awards held in recognition of excellence in the implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme in the various sectors and categories.
GPG nominated for top award in job creation
The Gauteng Provincial Government has been nominated for a top job creation award at National Kamoso Awards Ceremony to be held in Tshwane today.
DID keeps to commitment and completes 109 projects in one quarter
The growth in the technical skills base at the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development has significantly increased its delivery capabilities as part of increasing the capacity of the state.
Township economy revitalisation on track with 96percent of goods and services from BBBEE companies
The commitment of Gauteng Provincial Government to the revitalisation of the township economy is on track with more than ninety six percent (96%) of goods and services having been procured by DID from BBBEE companies since April 2015.
Gauteng acts swiftly after the hacking of the eMaintenance website
Gauteng Province has acted swiftly to prevent further hacking of its e-Maintenance website under the auspices of GDID after the website was temporarily compromised at the weekend