DID and community skills combine to produce a new massive 48-Classroom School in Reiger Park
When government and communities combine public infrastructure investment, good project management capabilities and community-based skills the end result is good quality facilities and priceless social capital.
27 emerging contractors participate in the delivery of the New Slovoville Primary School
Government’s commitment to the development of emerging contractors in the construction sector has helped deliver yet another quality project in the form of the new Slovoville Primary School, in Soweto, in the City of Johannesburg.
A balanced mix of energy sources is the solution for a rapidly developing Africa
Investment in energy infrastructure in the current rapidly developing African Continent should also consider the sustainability of energy resources, the environment and job creation. A balanced mix of energy sources is the solution.
GP Government says the economic wealth of Gauteng must be reflected in ordinary people’s lives
The role of Gauteng Province as the economic hub of South Africa should be reflected in the quality of life of ordinary people. Thus, all infrastructure development programmes should help in attaining this goal.
Education infrastructure roll-out shows government commitment to sustainable development
The rising quality and modernisation of education infrastructure in Gauteng schools is a sign of government’s commitment to the developmental goals of South Africa and the continent. This was said by the MEC at two completed public school sites