All roads lead to the Gauteng Interfaith Prayer Day for Africa at Ellis Park Stadium
The Gauteng Provincial Government has made a clarion for people of all faith-based organisations to join hands in a Prayer Day for Africa and also stand up against xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals.
Newly built school in Lufhereng deploys Motion Sensor technology and Solar Power to save energy
The deployment of green technologies in infrastructure projects shows government’s commitment to the preservation of energy resources and the protection of the environment from the negative effects of harmful greenhouse gases.
Gauteng unveils new home grown infrastructure development solutions
The residents of Gauteng are set to benefit from the introduction of new home-grown infrastructure development solutions that have been developed by emerging entrepreneurs who understand the challenges faced by communities.
The Tshepo 5000 000 Programme starts positively as 700 youths gain access to jobs
The recent launch of the Tshepo 500 000 Programme through which government and the private sector have joined hands to develop young entrepreneurs and help create jobs has been met with much enthusiasm by 8000 Gauteng applicants since December 2014.
Revitalisation of health infrastructure receives high priority in Gauteng
The revitalisation of infrastructure in public health institutions is just as important as the peoples’ lives it helps preserve and that is why it is being prioritised by government.